Who am I?

I am Juliette and I help people who want to write and deliver a speech (whether they are beginners or not); who are experts in their area but do not know where to start. I help you working less with a better efficiency to increase your impact on your audience. That way, on D-day (deliver day), you can focus on the contact with your audience.

Public Speaking is a Difficult Exercise

You need to know that I wasn’t meant for public speaking. Indeed, I have always had a lack of self-esteem. Nevertheless I never gave up and in 2013 I left France for the United States to pursue my degree. Everything was going really well until my Introduction to Communication’s professor told us “next week you need to give a speech on a topic your choice.” What? I am going to be alone, speaking another language than my mother tongue by the way, on a podium in front of an audience that will judge me for sure! I wasn’t scared I was terrified! 

The Key to Success!

But, I overcame my fears and I did it! My key to success? Tenacity and organization.

I understood that structure; as simple as is seems was an essential aspect in the success of your speech. I did my research and it allowed me to create a Public Speaking Guide for a non-profit organization called “Break the Cycle”. I also spoke at two conferences in the United States: the Graduate Liberal Studies and the Tennessee Communication Association.

A Personalized Training

Today I want to help you develop your skills and show you that we can do a perfect speech (yes, perfect!). And you will see that it is even possible to enjoy it (I know crazy right?).

I offer you personalized trainings to guide you to gain more insurance, increase your credibility and your professionalism while delivering your speech!