Improve your public speaking skills!

Do your employees need to talk in front of an audience whether it is with colleagues, new clients, and investors…?

Your employees are likely to be skilled, they are hard-workers, and they are productive. Yet, when they have to give a speech or speak up at a meeting, they panic.

They were not hired for their public speaking skills but in the end, it is a task they need to do within their job position. And sometimes they lose all their credibility!


Public speaking is a difficult exercise. Indeed 75% of the population is scared of public speaking.

Consequently, your hard-working employees will start being less productive because they will spend more time than needed to get ready for their presentation because they do not have a method. Even though they are doing their best, on D-Day, not only do they risk their reputation but also the company’s reputation and its image. Without any methods and techniques, they are more likely to reduce their impact on the audience and/or ruin the image of the company.


Numbers of training days: 2 ou 3 days

Prices: ask for a quote

The Solution

It is possible to learn these techniques and methods and that is what your employees will do in the offer “Develop your Impact in front of an Audience”. Thanks to this training, your employees will gain more productivity, efficiency, and they will perfectly represent your company.

Who is the target of this training?

  • An engineer who is in projects management
  • A CEO who needs to talk in front of shareholders or investors
  • A salesperson who needs to talk in front of a colleague during meetings
  • A CEO of a startup who is looking for investors
  • A scientist who needs to speak at a conference

The Trainer

I became passionate about public speaking when I went to the Unites States to study abroad. I am Juliette and I help people who want to write and deliver a speech (whether they are beginners or not); who are experts in their area but do not know where to start. I help you working less with a better efficiency to increase your impact on your audience. That way, on D-day (deliver day), you can focus on the contact with your audience.

Thanks to my Master in Professional Communication and knowledge I continue to gain (because I believe we need to remain a student our entire life) I enjoy sharing my passion to professionals who are willing to improve their communication and public speaking skills. Thanks to the trainings they can better understand some concepts and apply them in their work life for a better efficiency. 

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